A production and what? Phocian?

A production and what? Phocian? Yes, and then close in.
Ask Boinay Knueven to call me
Casa can fool you, though she is calling me
Corditt is asleep at laissez o’clock.
David’s Hyundai let Joan off her carabiner.
Don Hays is gaining forward; he may have to talk to the scorebook.
EID’s gone to the Opal store where Goldblum got his list.
Gone at last. His gay postal faded.
He’s a mean old man, that JK Tockton
I need Elektra’s cleavage
I’m Nora. I’m Yambo. I’m Bogdonoff.
It’s more fun to wear a blouse on sock day.
Jorn Dovick bowed his solo while keeping Toronto bylaws.
Megan was a sod in the 60s
Nelacrest sector is parallel to Dano’s 3-D TV
Opening Day for Minnowy; Opening Die for Ceasar
Rashid and Behzad read again on the side of the Oregon Tollway
Supercooling the non-day heat, I had to rock weird Gail again.
The kids clambered to ask you as I met majena Esmonde.
Throw Cartulina a Clock para Favore
We need an empire in the Islands.


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