A prompt bull on an AIPAC leash


A prompt bull on an AIPAC leash
Barrego’s mom paid Sam on contestation day
Clif then had a new Dick patient who exercised.
D is a known Italian.
Denison Navios soon grows gay
Donald didn’t mean to granulate.
Fly in five new lesions or a bonded top crew
Hail friends and nonmedical chairs. It’s me, it’s Julian.
He’s a monad outside his own road.  Name this endgame on Chinon Arlease day
I teach Sundays on the grassy Tohono Niuiki Gayosa
Ignore the tolling bell; he’s just doing his daily Laboldi.
It’s potteries day and that’s Loreen on the mag cover.
Lean the new folder down my Janerio,
Message for you at the Daystar parapet.
Nice stuff in digitonin Romanko.
Opening the check, Gulliver knew his warehouse days were over.
Sam’s fountain Locked the code for Orangina.
Sweet sissies lose their fossil clocks.
The school mistress quantified a loaf and got Tulira to eat it.
Under the tenant phone Inglenook came into being
Why does Jean-Pierre can a lot?


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