The Inbox

15 april
Mina Loy. The lost lunar baedeker. Noonday, 1996
Tan Lin. Seven controlled vocabularies and obituary 2004. The joy of cooking. Wesleyan, 2010
Jonathan Thirkield. The waker’s corridor. LSU Press, 2009
Dobby Gibson & Matt Hart. Late makeup years & decline (1979-1983). Hell Yes Press, 2010
Gertrude Stein. Stanzas in meditation. Sun & Moon, 1994
Dana Ward. Typing wild speech. Summer BF Press, 2010
Maria Damon & mIEKAL aND. Pleasure text possession. Zasterle La Laguna, 2005
Jess Mynes. Sky brightly picked. Skysill press, 2009
John Coletti. Mum halo. Rust Buckle, 2010

4 march
Jennifer Sweeney. How to live on bread and music. Perugia press, 2009.
Anne Waldman. Manatee/Humanity. Penguin poets, 2009.
Anne Waldman. Structure of the world compared to a bubble. Penguin poets. 2004.

26 january
Marilyn Hacker. Presentation Piece. Viking. 1969/74
Bob Holman. Panic*DJ: Performance Text Poems, Raps, Songs. University Arts. 1987/88
Leslie Scalapino. Way. North Point Press. 1988
Leslie Scalapino. That They Were at the Beach. North Point Press. 1985
mIEKAL aND. Searchix: Sampletexts and Dissolutions.  Xerox Sutra Editions. 2005/10

14 january
Laura Sims. The Stranger. Fence Books. 2009
Vanessa Place. La Medusa. U Alabama Press. 2008
Vanessa Place. Dies: A Sentence. Les Figues Press. 2005
Sina Queyras. Lemon Hound. Coach House Books. 2006.
Sina Queyras. Expressway. Coach House Books. 2009.
Roger Bonair-Agard. Tarnish and Masquerade.  Cypher Books. 2006

14 november
Gertrude Stein. Lifting Belly. Naiad. 1995
Andrew Levy & Bob Harrison, Eds. Crayon 4. SPD. 2004
Various. My words consume me. An anthology of youth speaks poets. 2003
Les Nubians. Nubian voyager. Poetry and music from the urban edge. Earth Aware Editions. 2006

24 october
Kazim Ali. Bright felon: Autobiography and cities. Wesleyan U press. 2009
Brenda Hillman. Practical water. Wesleyan U press. 2009
Jane Ormerod. Recreational vehicles on fire. Three Rooms Press. 2009
Sharon Olds. Satan Says. U of Pittsburgh press.  1980
Bob Perelman. Captive audience. The Figures. 1988

4 september
Terese Svoboda. Weapons grade. U of Arkansas press.2009

26 july
Andy Gricevich. A screening. Cannot exist. 2007
Andy Gricevich. Here and back again. Cannot exist. 2006
Cannot Exist. (Madison, WI. ISSN #1941-6601)
Vol. 1 February 2008
Vol. 2 May 2008
Vol. 3 September 2008
Vol. 4 January 2009

13 june
Spicuzza, Jeanne Marie.  My Italia. Libri, 2008.
Barks, Coleman:
What Was Said to the Rose. Maypop, 2002
Like This: More Poems of Rumi. 1989
Tuatara: The Here and the Gone. 2008
Rumi: Five Things to Say. 2006
Pure Water: Poetry of Rumi. 2007

15 may
Claudia Rankine, ed. American Women Poets in the 21st Century: Where Lyric Meets Language.
Wesleyan U Press, 2002.

30 april
Olga Broumas. A listener’s guide. Copper Canyon Press. 2000
TS Eliot. Reading “the waste land’ and other poems. Caedmon/Harper Collins. 1988
Anne Sexton. Transformations. Mariner Books. 1971/1999.
Miguel Algarin & Bob Holman, Eds. Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Owl/Henry Holt. 1994

25 april
Crag Hill. Reading from ‘7 x 7’.
Joan Retallack. Errata 5uite. Edge Books. 1993
Nico Vassilakis. Text loses time. Many Penny Press. 2007
Jim McCrary. All That: The collected chapbooks. Many Penny Press. 2008
mIEKAL aND. Bystander: An irreality. BlazeVOX. 2008
mIEKAL aND, Ed. Anthology spidertangle. 53/200. Xexoxial Editions. 2009
SheilaMurphy & mIEKAL aND. How to spell the sound of everything. Xerox Sutra Editions. 2009

13 march
Suheir Hammad. Zaatar diva. Cypher books/ Rattapallax. 2005
Danika Dinsmore. All over the road. en theos productions. 2000
Jack McCarthy. Breaking down outside a gas station. wordsmith press. 2002
Jack McCarthy. By gift unearned.  EM Press. 2008

21 january
Jesse glass. selections from Babes of the Abyss.
Jordan stempleman. poems from No, Not Today.

31 december
mary jo bang. poetry reading at U of Chicago, 2005. Poems from The Eye Like a Strange Balloon

26 december
M. NourbeSe Philip.  Zong!  Wesleyan U Press, 2008

23 december
A batch of CDs from American Composers Orchestra/ Innova records:
innova 113. various. sonic circuits IV. 1996.
innova 114. various. sonic circuits V. 1997.
innova 222. judson fountain. dark dark dark tales radio dramas. 2008.
innova 524. various. winded. 1999.
innova 527. erik belgum and inertia ensemble. bloodder. 1999.
innova 551. dan hurlin and moses schreier. the shoulder. 2003.
innova 560. erik belgum and inertia ensemble. strange neonatal cry. 2001.
innova 604. p. austerlitz and m. s. harper. double take: jazz poetry conversations. 2004.
innova 625. rene ford. unsentimental. 2004.
innova 631. neil rolnick. shadow quintet. 2005.
innova 632. carei thomas. sound windows V pinnacles. 2005.

3 december
Lynn Keller & C. Miller, Eds. Feminist measures: Soundings in poetry and theory.
U of Michigan press, 1994.

21 november
James Galvin. Selected prose and poetry. U of Iowa Program in Creative Writing.
Daniel Kane. What is Poetry: Conversations with the american avant-garde. Teachers & writers books, 2003.

13 november
Martin Tucker, Ed. Confrontation # 101: 40th anniversary issue.
George Oppen. New collected poems (book and audio CD). Edited by Michael Davidson. New Directions, 2008.
Taylor Mali and friends. Live at the bowery poetry club. words worth ink. 2006.
Various Artists. Attack of the urbanabots! best of NYC urbana 2005-06. wordsmith press.

10 november
Charles Bachman. if Ariel danced on the moon. Trafford, 2006
A. Humez and N. Humez: On the Dot: The speck that changed the world. Oxford, 2008.

29 september
Leslie Scalapino. It’s go in horizontal. U of california press, 2008.
Joan Retallack, editor. Gertrude stein, selections. U of california press, 2008.
John Penberthy, editor. Lorine niedecker. Collected works. U of california press, 2002.
Cole Swensen. Ours. U of california press, 2008

22 september
Martin Espada. Now the dead will dance the mambo. Leapfrog Press, 2004.

18 august
Alan Kaufman, editor. The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Thunder’s Mouth, 1999.

11 august
JonArno Lawson. A Voweller’s Bestiary: from aardvark to guineafowl (and H). Porcupine’s Quill. 2008

6 august
Joan Retallack & Juliana Spahr. Poetry and Pedagogy. Palgrave Macmillan. 2006.
Mark Yakich. Green Zone New Orleans. Press Street. 2008.
Mark Yakich. The importance of peeling potatoes in Ukraine. Penguin Poets. 2008.

1 august
Bruce Andrews. Designated Heartbeat. Salt Press. 2006

21 july
J.H. Prynne. Poems. Bloodaxe Books Ltd., 2005
N.H. Reeve and Richard Kerridge. Nearly Too Much: The Poetry of J.H. Prynne. Liverpool U Press. 1995

2 june
Peter Middleton. Distant reading: Performance, readership, and consumption in contemporary poetry. U of Alabama Press.

20 may
Nerys Williams. Reading error: The lyric and contemporary poetry. Peter Lang, 20007.

29 april
Ron Silliman. The new sentence. Roof books, 1987.

20 april
Bruce Andrews. Paradise & Method: Poetics & Praxis. Northwestern U Press, 1996.
Peter Bu:rger. Theory of the Avant-garde. (trans. by Michael Shaw). U of Minnesota Press, 1984/1987.
Warren Motte. Oulipo: A primer of potential literature. U of Nebraska Press, 1986. Dalkey archive press, 1998/2007.

13 april
Lyn Hejinian. Slowly. Tuumba. 2002
Lyn Hejinian. My Life. Green intiger. 2002
Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino. Sight. Edge. 1999.
David Antin. The principle of fit II. Watershed tapes. 1981.
Bern Porter & Mark Melnicove. The eternal poetry festival. Audio muzixa qet.

29 march
Marjorie Perloff. Differentials: Poetry, poetics, pedagogy. U of Alabama Press.
Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. Words in Your Face. Soft Skull Press.
Bob Holman. The Awesome Whatever. Bowery Records.
Rattpallax v. 13 & 15.
Alan Licht. Sound Art: Beyond music, between categories. Rizzoli, 2007.
Ulla Dydo & William Rice. Gertrude Stein: The Language That Rises. Northwestern U Press, 2003.

21 march
The Be blank Consort. Soundmess & other poems. luna bisonte. 2003
John M. Bennett. la M al. Blue Lion Books. 2006
John M. Bennett. Globbolalia. Luna Bisonte. 2008.

15 march
Hoa Nguyen. Red juice. Effing press.
Hoa Nguyen. Poems. Dos Press chapbooks.
Sharon Olds. The father. Knopf.
Sharon Olds. Blood, tin straw. Knopf.
Ann Lauterbach. If in time. Penguin poets.
Coyote poets of the universe. Movin’ to the moment. Square shaped records.
Third eye poetry collective. And then there was … Third eye open.
Abdrei Codrescu. No tacos for saddam. Gang of Seven/BMG.
Various. Grandslam! The best of the national poetry slam v 1. Imago.

6 march
Marianne Boruch. Grace, fallen from. Wesleyan.

23 february
Charles bukowski. Selected letters 1971-1986. edited by seamus cooney. virgin books ltd. 2004.
Charles bukowski. Selected letters 1987-1994. edited by seamus cooney. virgin books ltd. 2005.
Federic garcia lorca. In search of duende. new directions. 1998.
Gertrude stein. Geography and plays. Introduction by cyrena pondrom. U of Wisconsin Press. 1993.
Pablo neruda. Love: ten poems. 1969-1995. ken krabbenhoft. St. edmundsbury press.
Rosmarie waldrop. The reproduction of profiles. New directions. 1987.
Rosmarie waldrop. A key into the language of america. New directions. 1994
Sharon olds. The gold cell. Knopf. 1999
Susan howe. The midnight. New directions. 2003.

21 february
1” = 25 mi (book & CD). Melody sumner carnahan. Burning books, 2004. 127 p.
At the corner of alive & jesus. Barbara golden & sumner carnahan. 2001.
Dido’s revenge. Sumner carnahan. Burning books, 2003.
Manananggal, The bench, Loose engine (rough mix). M. sumner carnahan. Burning books, 2001
The XYZ of it: a composition for radio. Melody sumner carnahan. Burning books, 2000.
Try being alive in this world. M. sumner carnahan. Burning books, 2007.
Two Movies: See you in hell; Between 5th & 6th. Melody sumner. Burning books, 2004 & 2007.

16 february
The poethical wager. joan retallack. U of california press. 2003
This connection of everyone with lungs: poems. juliana spahr. U of california press. 2005
The language of inquiry. lyn hejinian. U of california press. 2000
Anarchism is not enough. laura riding. U of california press. 2001

13 february
Counter-revolution of the Word: The Conservative Attack on Modern Poetry, 1945-1960. by Alan Filreis. U of NC Press.

1 february
mitch rayes. what i do. reckless faith.
lisa gill. caput nili. with music by mitch rayes.
various artists. albuzerxque v. 27. Zerx 027. Zerx
various artists. albuzerxque v. 14. Zerx 052.
various artists. albuzerxque v. 8 Zerx 038.
various artists. albuzerxque v. 3. Zerz 030.
various artists. albuzerxque v. 23. zerx 067.

24 january
rachel zucker. the bad wife handbook. wesleyan.

18 january
david francis. poems.

14 january
Jackson Mac Low. Doings: Assorted performance pieces 1955-2002. Granary Books, 2005.

12 december
christopher beach, editor. artifice and indeterminacy: an anthology of new poetics. U of alabama press.
brian michael tracy. midnight tea. midnight tea publishing.

5 december
louis armand. contemporary poetics. northwestern U press. 2007

29 november
janet holmes. F 2 F. U of Notre Dame press. 2006
dan machlin. dear body: Ugly Duckling Presse. 2007
sarah mckinstry-brown. Transplant.

25 november
Taylor Mali. Icarus Airlines. Words Worth Ink.
Willie Perdomo. Where a Nickel Costs a Dime. Norton.

5 november
Philip Levine. Hear me: Selected poems 1977. Watershed tapes.
Mad Magazin 3 : Joan La Barbara, Terry Fox. 1979.
Various artists. LIP: The CD with the big mouth. Ruby Throat.
mIEKAL aND. Morés. Bomb Shelter, Seattle. 1988.
mIEKAL aND. Comspelling Trilled. Xexoxial editions. 1986.
Lyn Hejinian. Writing is an aid to memory. Sun & Moon Classics. 1996
Jerome Rothenberg. Vienna Blood & other poems. New Directions. 1974/80.
Jesse Glass. Lexical Obelisk. Cordelia Press. 1990.
Leslie Scalapino. Crowd and not evening or light. O Books. 1992

3 november
david crystal. Words words words. Oxford U Press.
Oxford dictionary of modern quotations. Third edition.

2 november
olga broumas: readings from ‘rave’ and ‘eros, eros, eros.’ copper canyon press.
hayden carruth: readings from ‘collected shorter poems’ and ‘scrambled eggs & whiskey.’ copper canyon press.
david lee: readings from ‘a legacy of shadows’ and ‘news from down to the cafe.’ copper canyon press.

17 october
How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms. 4th Ed. Oxford.

19 september
Cole Swensen. The book of a hundred hands. U of Iowa Press.
Eric Baus. The To Sound. Verse Press.
Voices of Dada. vol 1. LTM Publishing.
Futurism & Dada Reviewed. LTM Publishing.

11 september
Marc Smith. Quarters in the jukebox. em press.
Richard Kostelanetz. Literary politics in america: The end of intelligent writing. Sheed Andrews and McMeel.
Karen Volkman. Crash’s Law: Poems. National poetry series. WW Norton.

5 september
Jarrod Fowler. Translations as rhythm. Errant Bodies.
Cary Nelson, Ed. Anthology of modern american poetry. Oxford, 2000.
David Caplan. Questions of Possibility: contemporary poetry and poetic form. Oxford, 2005.
James Longenbach. Modern poetry after modernism. Oxford, 1997.
Charles Bernstein, Ed. Close Listening: Poetry and the performed word. Oxford, 1998.

22 August
John Tuschen. Then & Now: Poems by Tuschen
El Guante. Vanishing Point
Various artists. Radio Clamor: A loud and contiuous uproar of many human voices.
Marge Piercy. Louder, we can’t hear you yet! The political poems of marge piercy.

20 August
Glenis Redmond. Monumental.
Charles Bernstein. Content’s dream: Essays 1975-1984. Sun & Moon classics.
Ariel. Poems by Sylvia Plath. HarperPerennial.
Hugh Kenner. A homemade world: The american modernist writers. William morrow.
Ron Silliman, Ed. In the american tree. National Poetry Foundation Inc.

25 July
John Most. Persephone. AQP Collective.

16 July
Mike Daily. Alarm (novel and CDs)
Jane Ormerod. Nashville Invades Manhattan.
Minton Sparks. Sin Sick, This Dress.
American poets in the 21st century: The new poetics. Ed. Claudia Rankine & Lisa Sewell. Wesleyan U Press.

6 july
Charles Bernstein. Girly Man. U of Chicago Press. 2006

2 july
Mary Oliver. At blackwater pond.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Live at the poetry center chicago.
Richard Kostelanetz. Openings & closings.
Charles Krutzen & Jesse Glass. Puppet psalms.
Jesse Glass. The passion of phineas Gage & selected poems.
Jeanne Spicuzza. Beautiful terrible & true.

Charles Bukowski. Reads his poetry. takoma, 2004
Charles Bukowski. Hostage. Rhino word beat. 1994
The Life and Hazardous Times of Charles Bukowski. Enlightenment
Solid Citizen: Charles Bukowski in Hamburg 1978. Chinaski.

30 may
Sylvia Plath. Sylvia plath reads. HarperCollins 1999.
Larissa Shmailo. The No-Net World. Eggplant Press, 2006.
Barbara DeCesare. Adrift., 2006
Kenneth Goldsmith/Joan LaBarbara. 73 Poems. Lovely Music, 1994.

23 may
Kenneth Patchen. Reads his poetry with the Chamber Jazz Sextet. Cadence Records.
Various artists. 10 + 2 : 12. American Text Sound Pieces. 1750 Arch Records.
John Cage. The Lost Works: Essential Music. Mode records, 1996.
Various artists. The Aerial: A journal in sound. v 1, winter 1990. Nonsequitur Foundation.

15 may
Joan Retallack. Afterrimages. Wesleyan U Press. 1995
Various artists. Sound Poetry Today. Ed. by Philadelpho Menezes. 1998
Jeanne Spicuzza. Jeanne Spicuzza. 2001

11 may
Murray Thomas. Murray: Echo in the Sense; Murray Live at the Laguna Beach Brewing Company.

6 may
Loss Pequeno Glazier. Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries. U of Alabama Press.

30 april
Leo Briones. misc. poems
George P. Landow. Hypertext 3.0: Critical theory and new media in an era of globalization. Johns Hopkins U Press.

28 april
Phil Minton. A Doughnut in One Hand. FMP-Free Music Production.
Jocelyn Pook. Flood.
E. B. Loizeaux & N. Fraistat. Reimagining Textuality: Textual Studies in the Late Age of Print. University of Wisconsin Press.
Jeff Lewis. Original compositions. private label.

15 april
Charlie Rossiter and Albert DeGenova. Avant Retro: Performance poetry.
Jeanne Spicuzza. Naked: A performance. Bartoli filmworks.
Charles Bernstein interviews Paul Auster and Carla Harryman on Linebreak. Granolithic prods.
Bob Holman & Vito Ricci. Panic * DJ!. panic prods.
Alix Olson. Independence Meal. Subtle sister prods.
Wisconsin Conservatory of Noise. Visquestionary Gleam. Audio Muzixa Qet.
Bruce Andrews. Every All Which Is Not Us! Audio Muzixa Qet.
Bern Porter, mIEKAL aND, et al. Williamson Street Nights. Audio Muzixa Qet.
Harry Polkinhorn. Fire Wall of Flesh. Audio Muzixa Qet.

5 april
Lyric interventions: Feminism, experimental poetry, and contemporary discourse. Linda A. Kinnahan. U of Iowa Press.

25 march
21st-Century Modernism: The ‘New” Poetics. Marjorie Perloff. Blackwell Manifestos. Blackwell, 2002.

8 march
New media poetics: Contexts, technotexts, and theories. Ed. Adalaide morris & thomas swiss. MIT press, 2006.

26 february
Beau Sia, Dope and Wack
Postmodern American Poetry. Ed. Paul Hoover (Norton)

23 february
Annie Finch, various poems.
Corbet Dean, A Collection of Crime Scenes
Verb, An Audioquarterly Magazine

2 February
Andrea Gibson, When The Bough Breaks
Andre Breton, The Lost Steps
mIEKAL aND, Logos Longshot: Essaying Polyartistry & Human Interaction
mIEKAL aND & Maria Damon, Literature Nation
Janet Hobhouse, Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein
Janet Kuypers, The DMJ Art Connection
Janet Kuypers, Hope Chest in the Attic
Janet Kuypers and Eric Bonholtzer, Duality
Janet Kuypers, Oeuvre: The Works of a Writer Taken as a Whole
Renate Stendahl, Gertrude Stein in Words and Pictures
Wallace Fowlie, Age of Surrealism

13 January
Rattapallax print and audio CD journal
Rattapallax audio and video DVD

20 December
The Kronkaphone podcasts, 2006

5 December
Various artists, Albuzerxque compilations, ZerxPress, Albuquerque

2 December
Robert Creeley and Steve Swallow, So There (ECM)

20 November
Lisa Jarnot, Poems from Ring of Fire and Black Dog Songs
Tom Raworth & Peter Brotzman, No Hard Feelings: For Steve Lacy
Kenning Audio Edition #12; a newsletter of contemporary poetry, poetics & nonfiction writing

17 November
Lisa Gill & Kurt Heyl, Mortar & Pestle
Stephen Ausherman + Hideki Kanno, The Bernheim Sessions

16 October
Adrienne Rich, The Voice of the Poet
Allen Ginsberg, Indian Journals
Gertrude Stein, Geography and Plays
Gertrude Stein, How to Write
Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons
Ken Nordine, The Best of Word Jazz, vol. 1

14 October
Aya de Leon, Joy in the Struggle
Charles Bernstein, A Poetics
Jonathin Chin, I Quake
Kurt Kroncke, Kurt Kroncke’s Album
Queen Sheba, I Confess. . .
Sekou (tha misfit), Afrodeezyackz
Soul Evans, A Beginning,
Soul Evans, To Tell the Truth
Talaam Acey, Underground Heavy
Taylor Mali, Conviction
Taylor Mali, The Difference Between Left and Wrong