A god day, a cool day, a legal day

A god day, a cool day, a legal day
Alarrale passed his own rule for old Chazy the Wheat Lady.
C5 took a very lovely walk to Taisto of an evening
Connie swooned on hot days.
Danelaw Romlon was not safe at Hotton Cleese
DJ is seeing my daughter Montagnais. It’s a hot union but mannerly.
Eat front, go boldly for W, read EEN, and delete J
Goldenson had issues that day.
He will not pay for a substitute clone. see the data.
I like how they have a dumb Pasetta pool
I whooped a lesson then threw Shannon a dunk
Is your lithophane always your duty?
Johannes Sogard stays standing on our country
Meet Kulume for
Moofie’s colon chilled at the animal condo.
No one breaks a thing, so Daystone sees the nosegay.
Pilaa, call mom; AP, call mom; Becky’s 60G sunburn had to go.
Stop Fayetta. She is just a real stinky seat. She threw Johan’s strap-on beard into the Thames.
The Dog sent me; vision did not.
This Tea thing can dilate Subal’s pate
Walk to the jet chanting OM.


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