A few Zilai attended the PO Saturday over in Kinestow


A few Zilai attended the PO Saturday over in Kinestow
Al had Borcht at Eastgate optical
Boy they played Bob alright
Colin must pay the bill from Mascorro Rosoff & Thornal.
Dalfrey is our team name.
Did you, do you, live to Wash?
During the 007 screening John Cleese gazed at mold
General Batista voted no fuel on rye rolls.
He was posthumously gay and I hated that.
I know Laura’s Greig pool.
I went deep with trainees as Leonora spoke of candles.
Is Meakaua teaching? I got no luck.
James led the Safari to hear the local band Postino and the Electric Doverstones
Mama is full but she holds in her stuff
Momento to Meanchea: Hello, show your panel
Nina responded to Walmart Cave and warded a call for Mr. Krouse
Pedagogue unity can talk safety if they’d pull you
Seven seamless Englishmen went seven days without Darfur.
The chief feline weighed Lindbloom info and named seven Mearaina
They may be gone to this E-base swab
Vogelaar hit the monkeys. do we know I pay your old day
You could join the Candelero Hulu group, and there’s always Dewes.com


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