Poetry Congress (aka PoJam) at Paul’s House

Kevin Ducey and Bridget B. were in town and along with Madison residents Matthew Stolte and Paul Baker- and Ohio duo John M. Bennett and me – We were a six-fold congress on Dec.23rd, hosted by Paul in his basement den.




Videos from Avant Writing Symposium

Be Blank Consort

I recorded a portion of the performances and readings at last week’s Avant Writing Symposium.

If you can get past the sometimes shaky camera work I think you’ll find a lot to enjoy:

Several clips of the Be Blank Consort in performance at OSU’s Urban Arts Space

Tzara in Oblivion performed by Camille Bacos and mIEKAL aND

Composition for Nine Voices and With Two Incidents by C. Mehrle Bennett

What Word Once Was, composed and performed by Geof Huth

A portion of Reid Wood’s performance piece “Don’t”

Guaniauiqui: What is the digital avant-garde? a talk by Loss Pequeňo Glazier

Reflections on the Avant Writing Symposium

avant writingn festival

I met some astoundingly creative people at the Avant Writing Festival last week at Ohio State U. Among them were several contributors to Wordsalad radio. I’ve posted photos and will post some video when time permits. Thank you, John M Bennett, for bringing us all together. Geof Huth has posted many thoughtful things at visualizing poetics;  others have too, I’m sure.

Crag Hill, James Yeary, mIEKAL aND

Last night at Avol’s Books we heard from Crag Hill, James Yeary, and mIEKAL aND, all of whom are heading to Columbus tomorrow for the Second Annual Avant Writing Fest at Ohio State. This event was part of Madison’s “____ – Shaped Reading Series.”

crag hill james yeary miekal aND
Crag HillPart 1 Part 2 James Yeary Part 1 Part 2 mIEKAL aND  Part 1 Part 2

Crag Hill until recently edited SCORE, one of only two journals dedicated exclusively to concrete/visual poetry. In the last three decades his work has appeared in over 100 journals and anthologies, including several available online. With Nico Vassilakis, he is editing the first major anthology of visual poetry, The Last Vispo Anthology, due out this fall. His creative and critical works in progress can be found at http://scorecard.typepad.com.

James Yeary is a poet and visual/performance artist living in Portland, Oregon. He is a member of the Spare Room collective for whom he recently organized a festival of poetry for multiple voices. He is publisher of the chapbook series c_L books and is co-author (with Nate Orton) of the zine series my day. His work has appeared in ditch, Peaches & Bats, and SHIFTER.

mIEKAL aND is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of an infoplex worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia, all distributed by Xexoxial Editions. His hypermedia works reside at JOGLARS Crossmedia Broadcast (http://www.joglars.org). Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village (http://www.dreamtimevillage.org), a hypermedia / permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin.

Avant Writing Symposium 2010: Schedule

avant writing fest 2010

Avant Writing Symposium 2010
Avant Writing Collection/Rare Books & MSS Library
The Ohio State University Libraries
August 19-21

Downloadable posters and schedules

8-10 AM – Registration & continental breakfast

10 AM – Keynote Address: Dr. Marvin A. Sackner
Erotica, Pornography, and Obscenity in Contemporary Concrete and Visual Poetry, and, Visual Verbal Imagery

11:00 AM – Keith A. Buchholz & Reed Altemus
FluxFast: Performing Fluxus Scores by Contemporary Networkers

11:30 AM – Tom BeckettQuestions: What do I know? What should I do?

12:00-1:00 Break for lunch

1:00 PM – Lizabel Mónica: 21st Century Cuba: Literature in Transition

2:00 PM – K. S. Ernst: Three-Dimensional Poetry: the Ghosts of Words

2:30 PM – F. A. Nettelbeck: F. A. Nettelbeck Reads, Out the IN Door

3:00 PM – Suzanne Silver: Blacklists/Whitelists: An Artist’s Book

3:00 PM – Paul Baker: Wordsalad: A Radio Show

3:30 PM – William James Austin: Deformatism and the Avant-Garde

3:30 PM – Chris Burnett
Writing Imaging: Early Image Processing as Found Literature

4:00 PM – Nico Vassilakis: Staring at Vispo: LETTERS

4:30 PM – Thomas M. Cassidy: Disjointed: A Performance

5:00-7:00 PM Break for dinner

7:00 PM – The Be Blank Consort
Scott Helmes, K. S. Ernst, Sheila E. Murphy, John M. Bennett, Michael Peters, Geof Huth, Thomas M. Cassidy, mIEKAL aND, Nico Vassilakis, and others
Sound Poetry Performance

8:00 AM – Continental breakfast

9:00 AM – Olchar E. Lindsann: Somasemia: Poems Wearing Meat-Suits

9:30 AM – Gerald Schwartz
Strategies Against the God of World: Bring Me the Head of the Semiotic Goethe (performance)

9:30 AM – William R. Howe: Holographic Poetry: Disrupted by Hand

10:00 AM – Luis Bravo
Tamudando/Ischanying (Voces & Sonidos/Voices & Sounds)

11:00 AM – Sheila E. Murphy
Text and Art to Honor the Occasion: Renewing the Public Role of Poetry and Art

11:30 AM – Joel Lipman: The Sciart of Bern Porter’s Found Poetry

12:00-1:00 PM Break for lunch

1:00 PM – Martín Gubbins: Presentation of Visual Poetry: London Poems

2:00 PM – Jean Kusina
Visual-Cine-Poetry: The Alphabetical Experimental in Film and Video

2:00 PM – Rachel Heberling: To Achieve Typing Power: An Artist’s Book

2:30 PM – Loss Pequeño GlazierGuaniauiqui: What Is the Digital Avant-Garde?

2:30 PM – C. Mehrl BennettMailart, Visual Poetry, Fluxus: A Connection

3:00 PM – Roger SantiváñezDe Huidobro a Parra: Martín Gubbins & Beyond

3:30 PM – Antonio BonomeThe Visual Arts and William S. Burroughs

3:30 PM – Crag Hill & Nico Vassilakis:  The Lastvispo Anthology: What Then, What Now?

4:00 PM – Gary BarwinThe Myopic School Bus of the Tongue

4:30 PM – John M. BennettReading/Performance & Las Cabezas Mayas/Maya Heads

5-7:00 PM – Award Reception

8:00 am – Continental breakfast

9:00 AM – Jorge Luiz Antonio
Digital Avant-Garde Experimental Poetry: Another Genre of Contemporary Poetry?

10:00 AM – Reid WoodDon’t: Performance

10:30 AM – Mary Jo BoleToilet Worship/Toilet Talk

11:00 AM – EndwarAn Eye for an I

11:30 AM – Séamas Cain:  Elective Affinities & Random Actions

12-1:00 PM   Break for lunch

1:00 PM – Wilton AzevedoAtame Angustia do Precario: Visual Poetry

2:00 PM – Will NapoliProtext and Then Some

2:00 PM – Roger Santiváñez:  Poetry Reading Neo-Barrok

2:30 PM – Michael PetersA Press Conference Celebrating the Donation of Priceless Archival Fleury Colon Material to the OSU Libraries

3:00 PM – Richard Kostelanetz: Seductions: A Performance Piece with Audience Participation

3:00 PM – David Baratier & David Baptiste ChirotThe Vizpo of Public Space

3:30 PM – Thomas L. Taylor In Memoriam: A Reading
John M. Bennett, Olchar E. Lindsann, Tom Cassidy, Sheila E. Murphy, Warren Fry, Michael Peters, F. A. Nettelbeck, Michael Peters

4:00 PM – Geof HuthWhat Word Once Was

4:30 PM – mIEKAL aND & Camille BacosTzara in Oblivion

5-8:00 PM Break for dinner

8:00 PM – Jim Leftwich, C. Mehrl Bennett, John A. Bennett, and others
Collaboration festival, performances, vispo mail art exhibit, and other celebrations

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