Crag Hill, James Yeary, mIEKAL aND

Last night at Avol’s Books we heard from Crag Hill, James Yeary, and mIEKAL aND, all of whom are heading to Columbus tomorrow for the Second Annual Avant Writing Fest at Ohio State. This event was part of Madison’s “____ – Shaped Reading Series.”

crag hill james yeary miekal aND
Crag HillPart 1 Part 2 James Yeary Part 1 Part 2 mIEKAL aND  Part 1 Part 2

Crag Hill until recently edited SCORE, one of only two journals dedicated exclusively to concrete/visual poetry. In the last three decades his work has appeared in over 100 journals and anthologies, including several available online. With Nico Vassilakis, he is editing the first major anthology of visual poetry, The Last Vispo Anthology, due out this fall. His creative and critical works in progress can be found at

James Yeary is a poet and visual/performance artist living in Portland, Oregon. He is a member of the Spare Room collective for whom he recently organized a festival of poetry for multiple voices. He is publisher of the chapbook series c_L books and is co-author (with Nate Orton) of the zine series my day. His work has appeared in ditch, Peaches & Bats, and SHIFTER.

mIEKAL aND is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of an infoplex worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia, all distributed by Xexoxial Editions. His hypermedia works reside at JOGLARS Crossmedia Broadcast ( Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village (, a hypermedia / permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin.


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