Cocteau Popped an Eyelid


Damn if I can explain ASO looping.

Decode the doll date. Dion cruises all the rich ones.

Did the new AT&T fake out John Pappy and his shoddy old enemies?

Dukoff said they can stick it and we get to roll it. Dolnoch can feed you.

Hey Dave (the key idiot loser pectic) Your grotesque pants left the mall

I just called out for Nepali ravioli but they’re all sick.

I saw Posiath with the dubious Codamol

If they deceive Sapulpa it is known to call me again from that name.

I’m all for boosters but I need a mall to myself.

Kobi did an afternoon plea deal with Minnie.

On the movie set Dixie eyeballed dad. Always amazed that he didn’t know a tiptoe from a sutra.

Or do you still represent the portal name?

Prepare to be missed when Sapone flies a fresh mulberry

See Tosh doing that sickle cell? Sit but don’t listen.

That dog has Exxon gas.

The practice group is cruel and cold.

Young Delfini will get to you tomorrow.


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