playlist 17 january

alix olson. womyn before. independence meal. subtle sister.

allen ginsberg. cmon pigs of western civ. audio archive anthology v3. poets org.

andrea gibson. for eli. when the bough breaks. andreagibson org.

brian michael tracy. 7 sacred strokes. midnight tea. midnight tea.

charles bukowski. finish. 70 minutes in hell. chinaski.

charles wright. its turtles all the way down. audio archive anthology. poets org.

david moss. language linkage. the aerial v1. nonsequitur foundation.

jackson mac low. guru guru gatha 1975. doings. granary press.

jackson mac low & anne tardos. phonemicon from hereford bosons 1. doings. granary press.

jane ormerod. mindapologies. nashville invades manhattan. janeormerod com.

janet kuypers. the man who talks loud. compilation. janetkuypers com.

john cage. writing for the 2nd time thru finnegan’s wake. roaratorio. mode.

lisa gill. st johns wort. mortar & pestle. reckless faith. lisagill org

lyn hejinian. #5, #6. from redo. pennsound.

richard kostelanetz. murdoch and sufi from invocation. the aerial v1. nonsequitur foundation.

John Cage. Sonatas & interludes for prepared piano, v.1. Naxos
John Cage. Postcard from heaven. ArpaViva Foundation


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