playlist 11 september

artist. track. cd title. label

lisa jarnot. eightfold path. poems from ring of fire.

pete brown. slam. the not forgotten association.

taalam acey and mo browne. breathing 101. underground heavy.

gil scott-heron. b movie. best of. arista

malcom x. revolution. africa within.

virginia woolf. eulogy to words. bbc radio 4

tom raworth. not under holly or green boughs. suny buffalo 1991.  pennsound

andrea brady. wildfire part 1. archive of the now.

phil minton. tip head 2. a doughnut in one hand. fmp

Music:  piotr michalowski & mike khoury. selections from “reason sound, sound reason.  abzu.

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playlist 4 september

Artist. Track. Cd title. Label

gil scott heron. re-ron. best of. arista

minton sparks. dark socks. sin sick.

peter gizzi. A panic that can still come. close listening. pennsound

gabrielle bouliane. red. live poets.

kurt kroncke. must’ve been with ruster binwiddy. kronkaphone.

anne brechin. larkin’s aubade. wolf poetry magazine.

dylan thomas. a refusal to mourn the death of a child by fire. dylan thomas collection. harper collins audio

myra schneider. bied. magma poetry magazine.

e e cummings. a man who had fallen among thieves. voice of the poet. harper collins audio

cin salach. evolution. reVerse. reVerse

steve ausherman. the day they decided. bernheim sessions. restlesstribes com

angela dove. selfportrait as a drowned man. magma poetry magazine.

paul squires. anti blog christians. gingatao.

maureen jivani. the collector. wolf poetry magazine. wolf poetry magazine

david moss. africa. moss tales. edel

simone muench. spectacle: possession. reVerse. reverse

Music:   Gas. Konigsforst. Mille plateaux

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playlist 28 august

artist. Track. Cd title. label

andrea gibson. Enough; Sidewalk chalk. swarm.

bobbie west. perforation. kenning 12.

brenda coultas. opening the cabinet. rattapallax 11.

charles bukowski. are you drinking?. uncensored. caedmon / harpercollins

diane di prima. my poem. poetry in motion.

frank burton. the war criminals wash. collected words.

gregory whitehead. eva can i stab bats. tellus 7.

james ragan. rilke on the conveyor belt. rattapallax 5.

jayne cortez. chano pozo. poetry in motion.

joan labarbara. erin. sound paintings. lovely music

lynne tillman. hung up. tellus 7.

marc kelly smith. nobody’s here. quarters in the jukebox. e m press

mark nickels. this kindled by gaude virgo salutat. rattapallax .

ntozake shange. what does it mean that blackfolks sing and dance. poetry in motion.

paul bob town. no home. tellus 7.

paul bowles. points in time IV. tellus 23.

Music:  icebreaker. melody for NATO. distant early warning. nato arts

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playlist 21 august

anne waldman. empty space. poetry in motion.

frank burton. i cant get no customer satisfaction. collected words.

jack kerouac. the last hotel & some of dharma. blues & haikus. hanover.

james joyce. finnegans wake excerpt. james joyce audio collection. harper collins.

jeanne beaumont. hotel grimm. rattapallax 6.

joan labarbara. shadow song. sound paintings. lovely music.

john latta. poem. WTJU reading 1989. private recording.

john most. thirteen. persephone.

juliana spahr. nature poetry 1. SUNY Buffalo 2001. pennsound.

kate light. rules of sleep. rattapallax .

lauren gudath. you see whats evident. kenning 12.

robert creeley. bresson’s movies. poetry in motion.

robert pinsky. poem of disconnected parts. poets of our time. academy of american poets.

tan lin. from ambient stylistics. close listening. pennsound.

zoe anglesey. zaffre. rattapallax 14.

Music:  Bill Laswell. endemic void. oscillations & remixes. sub rosa.

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playlist 14 august

artist.  track.   cd title.  label

alaina r. alexander. putting your time in. compilation cd.

barbara decesare. Burn; elegy. adrift.

bart baxter. blowin tattoo. live poets.

elizabeth bishop. the waiting room. voice of the poet. random house audio

galway kinnell. neverland. poets of our time.

gregory hischak. end of the world bake sale. live poets.

janet kuypers. being god. fusion.

john Bloomberg-rissman. painting bodies. private recording.

john latta. epilogue city. WTJU reading 1989. private recording

larissa shmailo. how to meet and dance with your death. exorcism.

lenny bruce. enchanting Transylvania; how to relax your colored friends at parties. howls raps & roars. fantasy

paul squires. writer as libertine. gingatao.

sarah mckinstry brown. in the sixth month. transplant.

Music:  jeff harrington. hammered wind dances. jeff harrington.

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Congrats to SlamCharlotte

For the second year running, the Slam Charlotte team has won the National Poetry Slam championship. Congratulations to the team and to slam master Bluz. You moved us. You made us stand and shout.

Emcee Sonya Renee kept things moving, kept the judges on task, and kept us laughing.

Thanks to all teams for making the trek to the Midwest. I’m elated to learn that Madison will host the Nationals again next year.

Poetry Slam Inc. does a marvellous job of engineering the week-long event, managing volunteers, organizing venues, keeping people happy. It’s inspiring to experience so much energy, so much talent, packed into our little quiet city. I got to talk to Andrea Gibson out in front of the Overture Center. I saw Taylor Mali and Shappy walking around. I experienced the power the talents of Rachel McKibbens and Marty McConnell.

For a couple of nights I was part of their community.

playlist 7 august

Slam Poetry Special
artist. track. CD title

andrea gibson. swing set. new high score

barbara adler. i’m so anarchic. new high score

big poppa E & Aaron yamaguchi & Gary glazner. haiku face off. slice of Po v.1

buddy wakefield. disclaimer. freedom to speak

celena glenn. roach motel. Urbana 2002

cristin aptowicz. long distance. new high score

gabrielle bouliane. i know a few things. slice of po v.1

gary glazner. turkish haircut. slice of Po v.1

george mckibbens. circus. urbana 2002

laurie schmidt. our mark. grand slam

marc smith. the little guy. grand slam

shappy. my babies. new high score

taylor mali. voice of america V/O. Urbana 2002

tracie morris. on and on. grand slam

For good reading on the history of slam poetry, see Words in Your Face by Cristin Aptowicz

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