A bagel a day could land near eggs

A bagel a day could land near eggs.
After Cleastor escapes to Houston, D goes to hell.
Bonjour – do we need to piñones you?
Coital Touchdown! Goldbrick tried to leave.
Dad said: Mean plays do not hop on a dinner
Did you see my solo egg hairdo on the phone chip?
Dude being laid out needs total Giselman on the path.
Garris took a home-grown shower.
Haut monde (a.k.a. Che) missed Joan and her parakeet
I just got Jay signorina mano a mano.
I ween that these are good for me
In Omaha, call all the food police and pendalia police
Jake Scholl and his faithful soul watch on the roof.
Leon McGee being done on the blowmold mantra.
Mom was Knobbly that afternoon
Nick started the morning off feeling the seas and naming Nephi to read Hulu.
Osama owns a Sueola, but status will not send them to Carmel
Saying bonjour and doing community can flatten you, but say Hi and get hit.
Taddei made his blitz so Wyngaard could watch over two.
They landed fast when Mineo found Leo at the death meeting.
Up on the WinMag & over the hospital to Bassetdale Loda we go
You can leave Ono and my iPhone for the evening.


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