E-Poetry 2011: Ten-year anniversary festival


E-Poetry [2011] International Emerging Literatures, Media | Arts & Digital Culture Festival
May 18-21, 2011, State University of Buffalo, New York

Special decennial foci: innovative / multicultural poetries, emerging younger artists & artists from developing countries

Four days of festival performances, exhibitions, artistic presentations of poetics statements, scholarly papers, talks, and celebration of creative, visionary, and imaginative poeisis at the cutting edge of the triumphant spirit of the arts in the digital age. The festival presents premier world class e-poetry, digital and media arts, multilingual poetics, dance, music, and other forms of avant-garde artistic language, media and scholarly practice. Also included will be a number of special pre-conference events, to be announced.

Now entering its second decade, E-Poetry is a renowned biennial international artistic gathering founded on dialog over emerging issues in digital, visual, sound, and language-based artistic practice. Its emphasis is on literary practice in an encompassing sense, i.e., the practice of thinking through engagement with the material aspects of media forms, the building of community, and the exchange of ideas across languages, borders, and ideologies. Rather than fetishizing “new form” as apparatus agent per se, it seeks to locate innovative artistic practice in its cultural, conceptual, and media milieu. Hence, if “e-poetry” is going to mean something more than communality with every digital household appliance and point to emergent artistic processes in a New Media age – inasmuch as it informs the digital – e-poetry can exist in any number of formats, including programmable, performance, visual, sound-based, conceptual, and book art … i.e., even on paper.


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