Mader in China

ralph nader

Subject line: Mader in China.

Man, I had to read that email. Must be a typo for Nader in China.  What’s Ralph doing over there?

After reading the email, I am still not sure. But the information is nevertheless valuable to me in my work as an editor in the education field:

“Sorry to disturb you with this unexpected self-recommended email.

Generally, We are specializing in industrial metal parts machining and pressing in Xiamen, China since 1997  named  as Xiamen Chenfa Industrial co., Ltd. For your information that we have various kinds of advanced processing  machines in our factory and some in our united companies, such as, press, CNC lathing machine, lazer cutting machine, drilling machine, milling machine and planer and so on. And what we can process are with those materials, such as stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper and Zinc or Chrome coated materials etc.

Make sure we have served our local Xiamen harbor departments for various metal parts for hoisting machinery and steamers from oversea cargo  transportation since 1997, and developed a lot of clients from overseas for industrial metal parts, such as aluminum  wax cuter, stainless steel plungers ,copper Models, electronic metal cases, steel frames for various machine steady  keeping and all kinds of machining parts for numerous machine assembly etc.

Therefore, We do gain a good reputation  from our current clients as excellent metal items supplier with reasonable price, so we hope to expand our business  to serve more old and new customers from all over the world after this  website prefection.

Base on the policy as “Quality is the essence of existence, Good faith is the way of development”, Our company aim to offer high quality metal items base on machining, pressing and bending skill as well as  printing service for all the clients from all over the world.

Therefore, we set up a perfect and workable system  on quality control even from raw materials selection to finished item process as well as after-sale service ,  therefore, we do pursuit multi-development for all of us on long-term business target, and hope what we do can  be helpful to you in future.

In a word, wish you could keep us in your supplier lists for future enquiries and of  course highly valued your timely contact at any time.

PS. The products shown here are only a limited part of our product range, If the product you require is not shown here, please contact us, we will send you more through email or other ways in return.

Mr Lin Yuan –Production Manager

Ms Bessie Guo– Business operation Manger

Company name:  Xiamen Chenfa industrial co. ltd


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