Write a bad poem and (maybe) win a book

Bad poetry contest! Write a really, really bad poem before 23 April and send it to Small Press Distribition (SPD). They will award a book of your choice (up to $30) for the worst poem in each category below. Select from one or more category and write the worst poem you can. Send to laura (at) spdbooks (dot) org. Indicate the category the poem belongs to, and include your name, email, and address.

[ ] Worst overall poem
[ ] Worst poem titled “Unicorns In Fog”
[ ] Worst poem titled “Steampunk”
[ ] Worst poem wherein the title of the poem is longer than the poem
[ ] Worst poem using the words “gull,” “zephyr,” and “Persephone”
[ ] Worst poem in the form of a Facebook status update
[ ] Worst 4-line dramatic monologue
[ ] Worst use of the exclamation point in a poem
[ ] Worst poem in which there is an epiphany in a kitchen
[ ] Worst political limerick
[ ] Worst use of white space poem
[ ] Worst Denver Broncos poem

Small Press Distribution is a non-profit literary arts organization located in Berkeley, Calif. Its mission is to connect readers with writers by providing access to independently published literature.


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