playlist 1 april

artist.  poem.  source.

BeBlank consort. selections.  sound mess & other poems.  luna bisonte

caroline bergvall.  that so part 1.  kootenay school.

connie deanovich.  Satan; the narrator.  project lodge.

dora malech.  relatively long arms.  project lodge.

eirikur orn northdal.  aeritobbi.  as long as it takes v 3.

gabriel gudding.  Curse; history of clock manufacture.  FELIX series.

kathy acker. hotel etoile rouge.  redoing childhood.  ubuweb

kiki petrosino.  2 poems.  project lodge.  private recording

mark prejsnal.  embedded.  as long as it takes v 3.

mel nichols.  james joyce gone wild.  green gallery milwaukee.

rod smith.  buddy holly & other poems.  green gallery milwaukee.  private recording

steve timm.  chapter 117.  project lodge.

Listen to the show


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