Book Review: Tan Lin’s Seven Controlled Vocabularies

7 controlled vocabularies

Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking.
By Tan Lin.
Wesleyan U Press. 2010. 222 pages.

This book defeats the logic
questions the notion
violates the act
mocks the value
challenges the preference
inverts the reader
alludes to the necessity
confuses the habit
yokes the tendency

Tan Lin divorces the capacity
omits the comfort
erases the stability
stumbles the motion
frames the difficulty
explodes the responsibility
celebrates the circularity
probes the reduction
undermines the probability
taunts the necessity

The writing forces bookness
permits languageness
reverses pageness
anticipates awareness
opens sequence
scrambles conventions
cleaves image vs. caption
defines letter=image=word
transforms linearity vs. cloud

The choice and placement of images liberates seriality vs. cycle
construes expectations
misleads form
mounts structure
stages confessional
encourages theory
addresses meaning-making
floats relationship
juxtaposes object


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