playlist 18 march

artist.  track.  cd title.  source

adam fell.  feed lot.  project lodge 5 feb. private recording

andrei codrescu.  obscenity in search of art.  no tacos for saddam.

anne sexton.  for john.  voice of the poet.

bruce andrews. baby (A+B).  SUNY Buffalo.  pennsound

connie deanovich.  april 27 2009.  project lodge 5 feb.

gabriel gudding.  do not naively.  FELIX reading series.  private recording

glenis redmond.  mango.  monumental.

kenneth goldsmith & jonathan zorn.  why kenny G hasn’t been killed.  kenny G meets john zorn.

marie larson.  alternaria mali 2.  project lodge 5 feb.  private recording

maxine kumin.  the hermit wakes to bird sounds.  audio archive anthology.  aademy of american poets

roberto harrison.  i walk the woods.  project lodge 5 feb.  private recording

susan wheeler.  debtor in the convex mirror.  american poets in 21st century.  wesleyan U Press

william s burroughs.  twilight’s last gleamings.  giorno poetry systems one.  mercury

Listen to the show


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