playlist 28 january

Artist.   Track.   Cd title.  Source

angela carr.  at this point.  textsound journal.

anne sexton.  the fury of sunrises.  voice of the poet.

astrid l’orange.  traction;  blue coat.  banalasanything

brian kim stefans.  axis thinking.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

chuck stebelton.  millions now living will never die.  denver reading.

gail brand 7 m. guberman.  dating a raw oyster.  ballgames & crazy.  emanen

gil scott-heron.  re-ron.  best of gil scott-heron.  arista

karl petrunak.  ut pictura poesis prime.  textsound journal.

minton sparks.  epiphany; put her to rest.  this dress.

sekou tha misfit.  insomnia.  afrodeezyackz.  blind faith

O + A (Odland and Auinger). selections.  resonance.  ske

Listen to the show


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