playlist 21 january

Artist.  Track.   Cd title.  Source

anne waldman.  flame.  textsound journal.

roger bonair-agard.  bullet points.  tarnish and masquerade. cypher books

biko eisen-martin.  when i am an ancestor.  my words consume me.

chuma & fisiwe.  heaven.  les nubians. voyager

coleman barks.  who says words with my mouth.  pure water: poetry of rumi.  maypop books

joanna fuhrman.  U thought of as a Self.  textsound journal.

john tuschen.  madeline.  then and now.

majena mafe.  lovelovelove.  that unsound.

myung mi kim. river antes.  close listening.  pennsound

okechuku.  essay.  my words consume me.

queen godis.  fire.  les nubians.

the subliminator. yankee girl mojo.  rake.

Listen to the show


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