playlist 14 january

artist. Track. Cd title. source
carol novack. what to do with the babies. private recording

cecil taylor. track 6. chinampas. ubuweb – Leo

claudia rankine. don’t let me be lonely pt 4. pennsound.

coleman barks. love dogs. pure water: poetry of rumi. maypop books

danika dinsmore. litany for keeping safe. all over the road.

greg djanikian. aestheticians of genocide. kelly writers house. pennsound

myung mi kim. exordium. SUNY Buffalo. pennsound

paul taylor. weather bird. speech trombone poetry.

peter gizzi. revival. american poets in the 21st c. wesleyan u press

roger bonair agard. the devil in music. tarnish & masquerade. cypher books

suheir hammad. jerusalem sunday. zaatar diva. cypher books

Listen to the show


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