playlist 7 january

artist.   track.   cd title.   source
andrea brady. ammonia crisps the air. archive of the now.

dylan thomas. in my craft & sullen art. an evening with dylan thomas. caedmon

adrienne rich. necessities of life. voice of the poet. random house

jesse glass. peter stubbe pt 2. 2007 compilation. private recording

guy jackson & isnaj dui. phone call. scaledown v 1.

borderless bodies. poems. linh dinh. textsound journal

joan retallack. reinvention of truth. madison reading 4/09.

kasema kalifah caines. the death and the living. les nubians.

tim arevalo. the pen is mightier. my words consume me.

tracy k smith. theft. from the fisHouse.

dr m harre harren. selections. indian music therapy for medicine. magnetic marketing

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