playlist 19 november

artist.   track.   cd title.   source.
anne tardos & jackson mac low.  Laboratory. festschrift for jackson mac low.  crayon

anouch & zuga. les entrailles du monde. les nubians presents

Daniel goode. juicy cantata. festschrift for jackson mac low.

dipalma andrews Silliman. the sun is so …     legend. pennsound

Joel levies. you locate. textsound journal

Johanna drucker.  figuring the word. radio reading project. pennsound

Leslie scalapino. it’s go in quiet. textsound journal

Malcolm Goldstein. vocabulary gatha for malcolm Goldstein. festschrift for jackson mac low

molly rainor. as we sit around. my words consume me

sailor jay. miss America. my words consume me.

Music: Miles Davis.  Great Expectations. Big Fun.

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One thought on “playlist 19 november

  1. miles davis is the coolest man to ever live on this earth? that’s an actual scientific fact – i talked to a scientist about it last night – he agrees – The Nympetic Milton Hedwig –

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