playlist 12 november

Artist.   Track.    Cd title.   Source
anne sexton.  after the operation.  poetry speaks.  sourcebooks

gertrude stein.  she bowed to her brother.  poetry speaks.  sourcebooks

hoa nguyen.  no sleep.  FELIX series.

jayne cortez.  chano pozo.  poetry in motion.

lee ann brown.  nascent toolbox.  segue reading series.

matt dalby.  vetch.  fight.

muriel rukeyser.  night feeding.  poetry speaks.  sourcebooks

paul austerlitz.  high modes.  double take.  innova

peter gizzi.  revival.  pennsound.

philip levine.  peace.  hear me.

pierre joris.  a calm vademecum dose.  close listening.  pennsound

piers plowrightradio radio. martin spinelli.  2003.

robert frost.  the onset.  voice of the poet. random house audio.

rodney koeneke.  chary of gary.  segue reading series.  pennsound

rusty russell.  specific gravity.  a jungle of roses.

serbo croatia.  alex hamburger.  sound poetry today.

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