playlist 5 november

artist.  track.  cd title.  source

ed roberson. day and night don’t organize anything; et al for A.L.  FELIX series.  private recording

flatus vocal trio.  Nana; sintaxis.

greg djanikian.  brief history of border crossings.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

jane ormerod.  hello i’m johnny cash.  recreational vehicles on fire.

k silem mohammad.  dusty the oncologist; poems about trees.  FELIX series.  private recording

kathryn mockler.  cross eyed.

kathy acker.  face to face with death; outside the law which is language.  redoing childhood.

majena mafe.  lovelovelove song.  that unsound.

timothy yu.  this is the era.  FELIX series.  private recording

hanah jon taylor artet.  selections.  madison performance august ’09.  private recording

Listen to the show


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