playlist 29 october

Artist.  Track.  Cd title.   source

amanda stewart.  happily ever onward.  i / t selected poems.  split records

ed roberson.  eclogue.  FELIX series.  private recording

greg djanikian.  in the city of languages alexandria.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

jane ormerod.  Saboteur; termites.  youtube.

kathryn mockler.  wedding reception.  the reluctant narrator.

kathy acker.  president bush.  redoing childhood.

Öyvind fahlström.  O F eavesdrops.  the holy thorsten nilsson.

timothy yu.  from Bestiary; drive.  FELIX series.  private recording

k. silem mohammad.  rocking the sprint campus.  FELIX series.  private recording

sheila chandra.  speaking in tongues.  moonsung.  real world

Music: selections from Blood Money. Blood Brotherhood. Killerpimp.

Listen to the show



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