This week: sound poetry


An unusual program has taken shape this week, featuring (nearly) all sound poetry. We’ll hear artists from Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, and Norway, with some surprises thrown in.  I’m wondering how to fit in Joan LaBarbara and Sheila Chandra …
Thursday at 1 pm Central,


2 thoughts on “This week: sound poetry

  1. Cool. Strangely, Paul, I’ve developed an interest in sound poetry lately, the kind where there are no words, just an exploration of the basic units of sound the human voice can make. Looking forward to it.

  2. Cool. I plan to air work by Amanda Stewart, Majena Mafe, Maya Ratkje, Phil Minton, Kenneth Gaburo, John M. Bennett, Dirk HeulsTrunk, bp nichol, Jackson Mac Low, Christian Bök, … trying to illustrate the continuum from language to sound to music.

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