playlist 24 september

artist.   track.   cd title.   source

barbara de cesare.  adrift; all the fuss; bad luck for the rest of your life.  adrift.

ed roberson.  sit in what city.  FELIX.  private recording

joan retallack.  present tensed.  UW madison reading.  private recording

k silem mohammad. peace kittens.  SUNY Buffalo.  pennsound

linda hogan. other sister twin; the history of red.  dodge poetry festival

marcel duchamp.  interview.  voices of dada.  LTM

maria fama.  my comari.  looking for cover.

raoul hausmann.  bbb + fmsbw;  kp’erioum.  voices of dada.  LTM

rod smith.  the exposition of the question.  flarf festival KWH.  pennsound

saharon olds.  ode to the tampon.  dodge poetry festival.

sekou sindiata.  new american theater.  dodge poetry festival.

sharon mesmer.  jake gyllenhall’s dog; my insecurities.  flarf festival KWH.  pennsound

ted berrigan. sonnet 83.  san francisco reading.  pennsound

Gutbucket.  selections.  dry humping the american dream.

Listen to the show


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