playlist 17 september

Artist.   Track.   Cd title.   Source

alex hamburger.  serbo croatia.  sound poetry today.

andrea gibson.  blue blanket.  swarm.

aaminah hernandez.  when i speak.  speak! media collective.

corbet dean.  last call.  a collection of crime scenes.

janet kuypers.  done this before.

joan retallack. woman in the chinese room.  madison 2009 reading.  private recording

jorie graham.  studies in secrecy.  dodge poetry festival.

maria fama.  many falls.  looking for cover.

naomi shihab.  2 poems.  dodge poetry festival.

pierre joris. rothenberg variations.  close listening.  pennsound

richard huelsenbeck.  inventing dada.  futurism & dada reviewed.  LTM

sekou (tha misfit).  every girl.  have u ever made love 2 spoken word.  blind faith

stu hatton.  faulty.

wyndham lewis.  end of enemy interlude.  futurism & dada reviewed.

morton feldman.  patterns in a chromatic field.  patterns in a chromatic field.  tzadik

Listen to the show


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