playlist 10 september

artist.  track.  ccd title.  source
charles bukowski.  the genius of the crowd.  uncensored.  caedmon

glossolalia (brian howe).  real water.  black sail.

jesse glass.  arthur cravan.  singles compilation. private recording.

joan retallack.  a boy and her dog.  UW Madison reading.  pennsound

janet kuypers.  a letter.

lyn hejinian.  just after 5 pm.  reading at Woodland Pattern.  private recording

maria fama.  dizzy dizzy chipmunk; nobody remembers the poet.  looking for cover.  bordighera press

nikki giovanni.  sound in space.  nikki giovanni poetry collection.  caedmon

pete brown.  when words begin to betray me.  the not forgotten association.

pierre joris.  a calm vademecum dose.  close listening.  pennsound

tony green.  blue bottle.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

dave rempis.  selections.  triage: stagger.  utech


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