playlist 3 september

All of today’s poems were recorded before a live audience as part of the FELIX reading series, sponsored by the UW-Madison Friends of the Library.

artist.  track.   source.
amaud jamal johnson.  Encore; fancy work; the kingfish honey.

cole swensen.  Orangeries; graves end.

dan machlin.  fifth letter; letter to D.

eric baus.  the to sound.

hoa nguyen.  the problem; upside down again.

janet holmes.  1:14 AM; digital eros; 8:40 am.

johannes gorannsen.  heart of guinea pig darkness; still.

joyelle mcsweeney.  killzone 2; septina.

kimberly johnson.  this diall new; three bouquets.

michael hofmann.  malvern road; my office.

phan nhien hao.  pho, an essence.

Listen to the show


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