playlist 6 august

artist.  track.  cd title.  source

alexis pauline gumbs.  wishful thinking.  speak!.  speak media collective

andy gricevich.  formerly song.  live at avol’s.  private recording

b p nichol. art in upheaval.  ear rational: sound poems. pennsound

e. rose sims.  i feel pretty.  speak!.  speak media collective

jack mccarthy.  the walk of life.  breaking down outside a gas station.  wordsmith press

suheir hammad.  love poem.  zaatar diva.  cypher

sylvia plath.  berck – plage.  sylvia plath reads.  caedmon

sonya renee/thick girl.  crush.  the album.

tony green.  picasso’s portrait of stein.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

urknee & bjurton russell.  amateur astronomy.  round 2k3.  warts ‘n’ all


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