playlist 30 july

Artist. Track. Cd title. Source
alix olson. pirates. independence meal.

andy gricevich. the erase. live reading avol’s.

anne tardos & jackson mac low. voices. doings. granary books

be blank consort. in new york city; nummer kerztext; phantomaeritromos. Sound mess.

charles bernstein. der tod das ist die kuhle nacht. reading at cue 2007. pennsound

fabiola sandoval. chaos. speak!  speak media collective

frank burton. day of the disembodied leg. collected words: the poetry album.

jennifer karmin. underneath. live reading avol’s.

jesse glass. witch trials. compilation jan 2009. private recording.

medicated lady. two poems: . To C roll; You and the dirt.   private recording

paul squires. con-temporary poetry. gingatao.


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