playlist 23 july

alexis o’hara.  dream diary.   urbana 2002 live at the bowery.  wordsmith press

andrei condrescu.  poetry of destruction.   no tacos for saddam.  gang of seven

bryan borland.  three poems (astronaughty, david, desplome).  poetic grin.

e. rose sims.  on cartography & dissection.   speak!  speak media collective

jane ormerod.  michelle.   nashville invades manhattan.

jared paul.  pro choice for life.   attack of the urbanabots.  wordsmith press

lisa gill & janet feder.  page 57 red as lotus red.   albuzerxque v 27.  zerx

mark weber.  eggs.   albuzerxque v 20.  zerx

melody sumner carnahan.  try being alive in this world.   albuzerxque v 27.  zerx

mitch rayes.  crushed little baby.   albuzerxque v 14.  zerx

nadia abou karr.  genocide.   speak!  speak media collective

Music: ken burns/various artists.  selections.   the national parks.  PBS

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