playlist 18 june

artist.  track.   cd title.   source

ann lauterbach.  poise on row.  close listening.  pennsound

barbara guest.  dissonance, royal traveler.  SUNY 1992.  pennsound

C.D. Wright.  part 1.  one big self.  pennsound

charles bernstein.  the ballad of girly man.  the ballad of girly man.  pennsound

claudia rankine.  dont let me be lonely pt 3.  WKCR 2002.  pennsound

coleman barks. this time.  like this: more poems of Rumi.

crag hill.  4 of diamonds.  7 x 7.  poetry scorecard

james joyce.  from finnegan’s wake.  james joyce audio collection.  harpercollins

jorie graham.  from the reformation journal.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

nico vassilakis.  in between, part 2.  poems 2001.

susan howe. thorow I.  radio reading.  pennsound

tan lin.  RFID.  close listening.  Pennsound

hamza el din.  the water wheel.  the water wheel. nonesuch

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