playlist 11 june

ann lauterbach.  Harm’s way arm’s reach; the french girl.  close listening.  pennsound

barbara guest.  defensive rapture.  SUNY Buffalo.  pennsound

claudia rankine.  dont let me be lonely pt 2.  WKCR.  pennsound

crag hill.  8 of diamonds.  7 x 7.  poetry scorecard

isabeella beumer.  synthese.  my voice.

jackson mac low.  voice.  doings.  granary books

jennifer pendur.  clarence died.  studio.  private recording

jorie graham.  daphne and eve.  kelly writers house.  pennsound

louis zukofsky.  song for year’s end.  bard college reading.  pennsound

melvin b tolson.  an ex judge at the bar.  poetry speaks.  sourcebooks

robert hayden.  el haj malik.  poetry speaks.  sourcebooks

susan howe. pythagorean silence.  radio reading project.  pennsound

taylor mali.  7th grade viking warrior.  conviction.  wordsmith

theodore roethke.  i knew a woman.  poetry speaks. Sourcebooks

Selections from CDCM Computer Music Series Vol 28.  Larry Austin SoundPlays, CityScapes, SoundPortraits. Centaur Records

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