playlist 4 june

Artist.  Track.  Cd title.  Source
allen ginsberg.  first party at ken kesey’s.  AH!.  rhino word beat

bruce andrews.  devo habit.  SUNY Buffalo 1992.  pennsound

crag hill.  ten of spades.  7 x 7. poetry scorecard

ezra pound. mauberly.  ezra pound reads. harper collins/pennsound

jeanne spicuzza. i climbed because i wished tofly.  jeanne spicuzza.

juliana spahr. we arrived.  SUNY Buffalo 2001.  pennsound

leslie scalapino.  bum series.  WAY.  kenning 12/pennsound

myung mi kim.  lamenta.  american poets in the 21st century.  wesleyan u press

queen sheba.  blu black soul.  i confess.

robert archambeau.  kafka sutra.  samizdat blog.

scott thurston.  speak for itself.  archive of the now.

paul ellis.  into the liquid unknown.  into the liquid unknown.  hypnos binary

ivan fedele.  duo en resonance.  ensemble contemporain.  IRCAM

Listen to the show (right click to save mp3)


2 thoughts on “playlist 4 june

  1. Another brilliant collection, mixing the old and the new, the familiar with the esoteric. Your shows go perfectly with my first Saturday afternoon beer, bliss. I am really looking forward to this one.

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