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salt publishing

Salt Publishing brings to light many important voices in poetry, both emerging and established. The publishers also support other literature-related efforts, including this humble blog and radio program. For example, I requested a review copy of a recent Bruce Andrews collection and it was sent by return mail.

But Salt now faces a financial crisis. I ask you to join me in buying just one book, and showing your support.

Here’s Shirley Dent’s writeup in The Guardian


2 thoughts on “Support Salt Publishing

  1. Should I express my reservations here too I wonder? I object to this marketing effort by SALT which I have seen everywhere. Like everyoneelse I have a limited budget for buying poetry, I would prefer to buy books on the basis that I like the poet, particularly self-published volumes where all the money goes to the poet and none to the middlemen. Yes, buy a book to help poetry but for SALT to suggest that buying their books saves poetry or literary publishing is kind of a bit much, Paul. And their suggestion that they are an independent publisher. In what sense? Independent of whom? They are a big business that publishes the most uppermiddle class academia wankery type poetry and blah blah, Kinsella says he is anarchist, how you can reconcile a left wing politic with an attitude that suggests the majority of the population are too dumb to understand good poetry, I don’t know. If they can’t make a quid they could think about paying their editors less, taking fewer holidays in the sunny Mediterranean and sacrificing those lovely offices. Independent publisher my arse.

  2. Part of the archaic conservative literary establishment using the internet to create one of the most cynically manipulative internet marketimg campaigns I’ve ever seen to drive up their sales before their end of year financial report, now that I would believe.

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