Questions for a new supreme court justice


Can bad wife?  Can “call for papers” schizophrenia? Can avant garde schizophrenia? Can joan retallack?  Can mediocre poem criticism? Can tracy k smith?  Can word salad?  Can wordsalad wordpress?

Could wordsalad?  Could 2008 poetry slam?  Could james tate spoken word?  Could music+lichtensteiger?  Could playlist №19?  Could schizophrenic poetry?  Could warhol 100 cans?

Did aphasia 2009?  Did dada inspired? Did diagram sentence? Did indifference meaning sign?  Did marcel janco spoken word?  Did poems + michael hofman?  Did soup cans? Did the only true lovers are chef nikki?

Has sarah mckinstry-brown?  Has “robert archambeau”? Has how vocal cords work? Has malaporpisms?  Has thumbs up thumbs up poem?

Must malapropisms?  Must aphasia word salad?  Must aporias?  Must examples of word salad?  Must sentence diagrams?  Must sentence diagrams?  Must the vocal chords? Must vocal cords?

Should vocal cord?  Should crystal gibbons poetry? Should good wife handbook 1950s? Should naropa audio archive project?  Should word salad examples?  Should word salad majena mafe?

Will gertrude stein?  Will “tan lin” artist statements? Will bob holman awesome whatever? Will dr. hammad redo?  Will john milton’s paradise lost? Will urban patricia smith?  Will word salad jeff stumpo?  Will word salad stumpo?


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