playlist 14 may

Artist. Track. Cd title. source
amanda stewart.  war poem.  i/t selected poems.  split records

andrea brady.  ammonia crisps the air.  crossing the line.  archive of the now

bob archambeau.  sheena is a punk rocker.

crag hill.  jack of hearts.

dan hurlin & dan schreier.  reclining fields.  the shoulder.  innova

dina gatina.    lapa azora.

janet kuypers.  couldn’t reach it;   how many times.

matt dalby.  tear.  santiago’s dead wasp.

natalia azarova.    lapa azora.

nico vassilakis.  the slash.  poems 2001.

olga broumas.  helen groves.  a listeners guide.  copper canyon press

robin chapman.  calgary to banff.  banff dreaming.  fireweed press

tim gaze & david curnow.  pigs.  noises and voices.  another hemisphere

TS Eliot.  hollow men.  voice of the poet.  Random house

john adams/ kronos quartet.  john’s book of alleged dances.  nonesuch

Listen to the show (right click to save mp3)


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