playlist 26 march

Joan Retallack

Joan Retallack

artist.  track.  CD title.   source
jack mccarthy. careful what you ask for. breaking down outside a gas station.

rusty russell. hotel maid seen in a window. a jungle of roses.

suheir hammad. mama sweet baklava; my father after. zaatar diva. cypher

danika dinsmore. nature call girl. all over the road.

joyelle mcsweeney. percussion grenade. FELIX reading series. private recording

johannes goransson. still. FELIX reading series.

joan retallack. strange attractors. SUNY Buffalo. pennsound

marc smith. street musician. quarters in the jukebox. EM press

jeff stumpo. the best poetry reading. arts and crafts.

rod smith. the exposition of the question. flarf poetry festival. pennsound

matt dalby. vetch. santiago’s dead wasp.

janet kuypers. why i didn’t see god.

mel nichols. you should be nice to call center workers. flarf poetry festival. Pennsound

john cage. selections. postcard from heaven. ArpaViva

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