playlist 19 march

artist.   track.   CD title.   source.

charles bachman. fragmentia praecox. if ariel danced on the moon.

danika dinsmore. why I don’t slam. all over the road.

diane diprima. my poem. poetry in motion.

jack mccarthy. cartalk II. breaking down outside a gas station.

jeff stumpo. do you trust words. arts & crafts.

joan retallack. autobiographia literaria. pennsound.

johannes goranssen. the heart of guinea pig darkness. FELIX reading series.

jordan stempleman. monday & tuesday . no not today.

joshua ware. the salamander speaks with invisibilities (with John Chavez and Crystal Gibbons).

joyelle mcsweeney. Guadalupe; killzone 2. FELIX reading series.

lawrence fritts. minute variations. sonic circuits V. innova

sharon mesmer. my insecurities. flarf poetry festival. pennsound

suheir hammad. mike check. zaatar diva. cypher books

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6 thoughts on “playlist 19 march

  1. Jack McCarthy rocks but isn’t flarfff getting a bit old? Haha, just kidding. Keep up the fantastic work. My life would be considerably lessened without wordsalad.

  2. Hi,

    I am conducting a short survey on poetry and I would appreciate your participation. It will take no more than 10 minutes (probably less!) of your time. You can access it on . Note that this website is NOT related to

    Thanks in advance!


    PS: I hope this is the correct place to submit my request.

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