playlist 5 march

Artist. Track. Cd title. Source

bern porter & mIEKAL aND. improv no. 2. williamson street nights. audio muzixa qet

caroline bergvall. from Eclat. kootenay school of writing.

danika dinsmore. litany for keeping it safe; traffic. all over the road.

evgenij kharitonov. debates bureaucrats. damp and loose new and remixes. internet archive

geof huth. from a book of poems. at the eyedrum.

jack mccarthy. hard times easy chairs. gift unearned.

jeff stumpo. adaptiveness of behavior; in absentia. arts & crafts.

kimberly johnson. on divination by wind. FELIX reading series. private recording

lisa samuels. rack of consent. contemporary experimental women writers. archive of the now

mary jo bang. in the garden.  the  eye like a strange balloon.

ron silliman. albany. kelly writers house. pennsound

susan stewart. braid. studio 111. pennsound

present music & kamran ince. selections from In White. innova

Listen to the show


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