Social media not just for Gen X

Read the following and form a mental image.

The Boston-based Association of Literary Scholars and Critics (ALSC) “promotes excellence in literary criticism and scholarship, and works to ensure that literature thrives in both scholarly and creative environments. We encourage the reading and writing of literature, criticism, and scholarship, as well as wide-ranging discussions among those committed to the reading and study of literary works.”

Hmm.  OK.  Form your mental image now. Knowing nothing else about them, and given your experience with big, academic associations, you might think they have a scholarly journal, a conference, some committees, probably a web site, they might send out an occasional press release about some awards program or something.

What you might not expect to see is a real engagement with social media. Check this out, and kudos to them.


I learned about ASLC via PostModernity’s Red-Headed Step-Child, who off-handedly refers to the group as “hipper than MLA.”  Indeed.


2 thoughts on “Social media not just for Gen X

  1. I’m thrilled at how the arts have adapted and grown through new technology. I’ll never thumb my nose at anything that promotes or introduces someone to art. Since I’ve been publishing on my blog for mass (read: tiny) consumption, I feel my writing has improved and I feel as if I’m a part of a growing community – that, metaphorically, we’re living in a hip apartment building in a thriving city with a cafe on the corner in which we all congregate, sip wine, and discuss. If my metaphor is referring to YouTube or WordPress, fine by me. I’ve never been happier as a poet than I am right now.

    • Thanks for pointing me to your blog, which I will enjoy exploring. The “growing community” feeling is a good one, isn’t it. There are hubs of activity all over the place. In fact, I want Gertrude Stein to invite me to her salon some time so I can listen in on their discussions. But I’m probably a little late for that. So for now, The Wonderful Wide Web provides a kind of substitute.

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