playlist 19 february

gertrude stein

Gertrude Stein B-day Part 3

artist.   track.   cd title.   source
amanda stewart. postiche; trading centers. loft readings. when

beblank consort. 4 selections. sound mess. luna bisonte

caroline bergvall. franker tale. pennsound.

charles bernstein. azoot d’puund. poetic justics. pennsound

george oppen. 5 poems about poetry. new collected poems. new directions

gertrude stein. valentine to sherwood Anderson; a portrait of picasso.

jack mccarthy. shelves. gift unearned. EM press

james galvin. 2 horses and a dog. lethal frequencies. private

jesse glass. jesus is my dying bed maker. sampler cd. private

john m bennett. d ool nburn chime. la M al. private

k goldsmith & j la barbara. selections. 73 Poems. lovely music/

mary jo bang. the eye like a strange balloon. catastrophe theory poems. private

rodney koeneke. the great clam; save it for the clam. bowery poetry club 2004. private


beatles. birthday. white album. apple
eno moebius roedelius plank. selections. begegnungen I & II. caroline

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