Poetry Magazine: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Very interesting discussion going on over at Johannes Göransson’s blog, Exoskeleton, about Poetry Magazine’s priorities…

“Seems to have a very overt agenda: continue to support very well-wrough-urn-ish, well-behaved poetry while making symbolic overtures to poetries that might challenge its poetics.

“So, they have a special little quarantined section of “visual poetry” and a special translation issue and poems by famous language poets, and even – in its most recent issue – a special “manifesto” section dedicated to the 100-year-anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto.  Only most of the manifestos are not manifestos..”


4 thoughts on “Poetry Magazine: Thumbs up, thumbs down

  1. Poetry with a capital ‘P’ Magazine. I have given up on all of it, Paul. The entire poetry scene, once it gets off the streets into the hands and mouths of paid editors and intellectuals, it’s all bullshit. If I never see the ridiculous word ‘poetics’ again, I’ll be happy. Also ‘language poets’, I know it is supposed to delineate a certain school, but I really don’t care, anyone who calls themselves a ‘language poet’ is dead certain to be a wanker for my money. I have decided it is impossible to talk about poetry in any meaningful way apart from, “I like this poem”, “I didn’t understand this poem” or “This poem is boring”. Everything else is meaningless gibberish, jargon spawned by self-serving monkeys with University Degrees who would be better off getting jobs where they sweated for a living and could listen to how actual human beings speak. They contribute absolutely nothing to the world or to society at large. The whole thing is nauseating and serves only to drive normal people away from poetry in droves. And I include all of them, Poetry Magazine, Poetry Foundation, Academy Of Poetry, Silliman and his crew, all of them.

    • As luck would have it, Johannes Göransson read here in Madison yesterday with Joyelle McSweeney. They gave me permission to record and air their reading in upcoming radio programs.

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