playlist 12 february


Gertrude Stein Birthday pt. 2

artist.   track.  CD title.   source
allen ginsberg. charnel ground. The ginsberg audio collection v3. caedmon

amanda stewart. war poem. loft readings.  when pressed

cecil taylor. incarnate. chinampas. ubuweb

gertrude stein. making of Americans, part 1 & 2 gertrude stein reads. ubuweb

james galvin. the weather spider. lethal frequencies. private recording

joan retallack. memnoir (excerpt). memnoir. pennsound

leslie scalapino. delay series. way. kenning v 12

not tale. caroline bergvall. cogs and fats. pennsound

peter middleton. blaming the sixties; deep time; the enterprise. Tell Me About It. U Penn 2003.

kurt kroncke. want the facts embalmed; yogi tips and headrites. kronkaphone.


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