Madison welcomes Joan Retallack

joan retallack

Poet, critic, biographer, and multi-disciplinary scholar Joan Retallack will visit Madison the week of April 20 for a public lecture, a public poetry reading, and a series of classroom talks. This is a rare opportunity for Madison’s creative community to gather and share ideas about poetry, music, complexity theory, pedagogy, and criticism.

Event #1: Lecture: “John Cage’s Anarchic Harmony: A Poethical Wager”
4:00 pm Wednesday 22 April
Room L 140 Chazen Museum of Art, UW Madison campus

Event #2: Poetry reading
7:00 pm Thursday 23 April
Room 7191 Helen C. White Hall, UW Madison campus

This project is made possible with generous funding provided by the Brittingham Foundation, the University Lectures Committee, and the Department of English.

Some links of interest:
Joan’s page at Electronic Poetry Center

Joan’s page at Pennsound

Joan’s books

Joan’s Bard College faculty page

Joan’s bio at Anarchic Harmony Foundation

Text of Joan’s Errata Suite

Audio of Joan’s lecture, Geometries of Attention

Text of  Joan’s essay, Witt&Stein

Joan’s essay, “About Mass Transit: The Dupont Circle Circle

Retallack has arrived at that wonderful moment in a poet’s life – she is at the top her game, completely confident in what she’s doing (& with good reason) while continuing to go new places with every project she takes on. The excitement is both palpable and contagious.”  —  Ron Silliman


3 thoughts on “Madison welcomes Joan Retallack

  1. Hello, I’m writing to see if you might have this photo of Joan in a higher res that you’d be willing to send me. She’s coming to Arizona State University to give a poetry reading and lecture. She sent me a photo, but this one is better! Please email me at Thanks.

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