Gertie Stein B-day pt. 1


artist. track. CD title. source
amanda stewart. absence. live reading.

mary jo bang. alice in wonderland. chicago reading 2005. private recording

tom raworth. catacoustics. big slippers on. pennsound

jesse glass. gaha noas zorge Pt 5. gaha noas zorge. private recording

bruce andrews. i guess work te time up. SUNY Buffalo1992. pennsound

gertrude stein. madame recamier; a portrait of TS Eliot. gertrude stein reads. caedmon

tony trehy. reykjavik. live at the other room 2007. private recording

lyn hejinian. there once was a doctor. woodland pattern reading. private recording

Music: Hidden Peaces. Comp. Carei Thomas; Cellist: Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan.
Sound Window(s) V: Pinnacles. Innova Recordings.

Listen to the show


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