brain and leg and hand

you know, preparing for them to bring him here And then, once in a s

with him, and my brother went back with him with the coordination with Red Cros

uleiman Baraka, I want to thank you for being with us

till alive They left Ibrahim And we brought-you know, as

t communication with the family for ten hours

right hand, brain and leg and hand, and a cut in the back I s

ort of hope and expanding the imagination of our children that there is

ome kind of heat in her body, and I had the feeling that s

January 5th, midday, I received a call from the doctor that my child pas

ide, where my children play with their children Now, they des

ferred from Gaza to Egypt, they did not allow any family members

end occupation End occupation End occupation You eliminate the action, then there will

dom-guided, not power-guided Civilization of power will not work forever Power of

At that time, Monday the 29th, he went to help my mom, his

and you thanked me that time But when we buried him, I couldn’t give him the las

among the dead, including more than 350 children Today, we’re going to find out about

aid, “I bought a new bicycle, and I am happy with it.” S

aid that the brain can come again and he can be awakened, becaus

accumulated when I could not go back to Gaza for the funeral and the condolences

About what happened to my beloved Ibrahim-Ibrahim is

a father, and when I look at the photo of my s

a bombing in my area, and then, after a while, the bombing was

300 of them children-350 of them children One can’t s


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