playlist 11 december

amaud jamaul johnson. Pigmeat; sheree. FELIX reading series.

anne waldman. empty space. poetry in motion.

clayton eshelman. unbuckled tongue. pennsound.

cristin o’keefe aptowicz. estephania. attack of the urbanabots.  wordsmith press.

dianne di prima. my poem. poetry in motion.

the four horsemen. allegro. pennsound.

george oppen. myth of the blaze. new collected poems.  new directions.

hilary thomas. five haiku. attack of the urbanabots. wordsmith press.

ibtisam barakat. pencil (arabic). universe of poetry.

james galvin. you know what people say. lethal frequencies.

jeff mcdaniel. the benjamin franklin of monogamy. attack of the urbanabots.  wordsmith press.

kathryn mockler. wedding reception. sampler CD.

kenneth gaburo. maladetto (excerpt) . maladetto & antiphony VIII.  pogus.

kimberly johnson. this diall new; three bouquets. FELIX reading series.

majena mafe. Important; patriarchal poetry prittily ma-chin. that unsound.

peter gizzi. new picnic time. pennsound.

vidna obmana. encountering terrain. crossing the trail. projekt.

bali: musique pour le gong gede. ocora.

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